Monday, January 3, 2011

My Top Ten Songs of 2010

I noticed other people doing this, so I thought...why not?
I just went into my and looked the most played tracks for the past 12 months, and chose the top song for each artist (otherwise it would have been nothing but Jónsi and TwinSisterMoon in my top 10), and here we are:

Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi
TwinSisterMoon – Bride of the Spirits
Jeremy Enigk – Chewing Gum
Moby – Into the Blue
Antony and the Johnsons – The Snow Abides
Holy F*ck – SHT MTN
Cindytalk – The First Time Ever...
CocoRosie – The Moon Asked the Crow
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Cutter
XTC – Rocket From a Bottle

And if you haven't heard most of these songs, be honest, I haven't heard of most of your favorite songs either!